Beautiful, effective web sites
without the time or cost commitment.

Starting at only $795

Monthly payment options available starting at only $45 per month.

What is a SimpleSite?

SimpleSites are pre-made single page web sites that we customize for your business with your logo, colours, and texts.

Our team takes care of all the difficult stuff for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

Why a SimpleSite?

Well it’s simple really. (See what we did there?) We know that not everyone has the budget for a full custom web site.  There are free site builders out there but it’s harder than it looks to build a good web site that works well on desktops and smartphones.

On top of that, you practically need to have a degree in English if you want any chance in actually showing up before page 10 on Google.

We take care of the hard stuff for you.

We have a selection of six modern templates for you to choose from. We’ll customize the colours and fonts to match your brand.  

From there, all we need from you is your logo, some photos, an outline of your company and your products or services, and the details on how your customers can contact you.  

We’ll take it from there. 

It’s not easy writing the text for your web site.

Luckily you don’t have to.

You just need to provide us with an outline of your business. We’ll take the time to rewrite your outline to be easy to read, and just as importantly, easy for Google to pickup.  

We also take care of the nitty gritty technical SEO to give your site the best chance of ranking on Google.

We make it look good.

We’ll take your brand’s logo, fonts, and colours and integrate it into the site. If you don’t have specific fonts and colours, we’ll choose ones we feel best match your brand.

We’ll integrate your photos where we feel they work best. We can even work in a few stock images for you if you don’t have many photos to work with yet.

We give you options.

While we might be offering a cookie cutter service we know your brand isn’t cookie cutter.  Every web site needs the basics – info about your business, a service or products list, and a contact section.  

From there we give you the choice of having a pricing list, gallery, testimonials section, team members, or an FAQ. If you need more than one it’s only $75 for us to build each additional section.

If you find yourself still craving more, that’s when it might be good to look at a custom site from Tallack Media Corp.

We can host it for you.

Our Simple Hosting plans start at $20 per month and includes automated WordPress theme, plugin, and core updates as well as weekly backups of your site and simple security built right in.

We stick with you.

Our friendship doesn’t have to end just because you’ve got your web site.  We’re still available to add features, make changes, and offer additional support afterwards at our normal hourly rate.

Our Templates

We offer a variety of different templates to use as the starting point for your web site.  We’ll customize the fonts and colours to match your brand.

How it works

We keep it simple. You never even have to pick up the phone. Everything is done online. 

By filling out our online form, we have all the information and photos we need to build your new web site.

Female graphic designer working at desk


Select your template.

We offer a selection of six different templates suitable for a variety of different businesses.  Pick your favourite and we’ll customize the fonts and colours to match your brand.


Let us know your business details.

We’re good but we’re not mind readers.  We need to understand what your business does and what makes you stand out from the competition.  Our writers take this information and rewrite it into the text copy on your web site.

Closeup of Manager Signing Contract In Business Office
Colleagues Handing Branding Plan Strategy to other


Send us logos and photos.

It’s always best if you’ve got your own photos representative of your business to integrate into your web site.  If you don’t have any we’ll source stock photos from our image subscriptions to meet your needs.

We’ll also need your company logo for the website header.

Don’t have photos? Not to worry. We’re happy to recommend a photographer that we know will do amazing work and get us the shots we’ll need for your new site.


We make it happen.

Like a well oiled machine our team springs to life to write your text copy and customize the template just for your business.  In as little as two weeks your web site is ready to go live.

The macro view of clock mechanism


We want to make things as easy as possible for your to get your business online but we understand you may have some questions.

$795+gst for a standard site including an about section, services or products list, a contact form, and your choice of an FAQ, Gallery, pricing list, or testimonials section. 

Each additional section is $75.

If you’d like us to build a blog page, it’s an additional $200.

Monthly Financing is available with an initial payment of $295 with payments as low as $45 per month for two years including hosting. Monthly price will be higher if you elect to add additional sections. 

We sure can.  Even though these are templates, we use the same tools we’d use for a full custom site.  We can add features like eCommerce, blogs, and additional pages at any time after the main site has been completed.

Of course.  We’re in it for the long haul.  Additional changes can be made at any time at our normal hourly rate of $95 per hour.

No problem.  We offer full custom design services at Tallack Media Corp.  Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your web site dreams.

Once you’ve provided all the necessary info and made your payment, we aim to have your new site ready for your review within 7 business days.  We’ll give you the opportunity to request changes to the colours, fonts, and copy. After that we do our best to make all changes requested before bringing your site live within two weeks of starting.

We’ve partnered with Infinity Brand Photography to offer a branding session at an amazing rate so that you can get photos of your business. 

While it’s always best to use real photos that are representative of your company, we also have stock image subscriptions. This means we can often find appropriate stock photos at no additional cost to you.

If you want to use a photo not available from our stock image providers, you are required to acquire the image as well as proper licenses for the photos.

We can not use photos you found on Google image search unless they are explicitly licensed for commercial use.

You can think of your web host as your web site’s house.  It needs somewhere to live on the internet.

Your web site also needs an address (your domain name) so that people can find it.

It costs money for the server space and maintenance required to keep your web site safe and secure (like door locks on a home)

There’s a variety of internet hosts out there but most of them are really bad for overcrowding servers making your site is super slow.

With our SimpleSite hosting your site shares a server only with other SimpleSite customers so it’s much less crowded and a lot faster.  Your site is automatically kept up-to-date with the latest WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates and a weekly backup is done in case something ever does get messed up on your site.

SimpleSite hosting is $20 per month billed annually. ($240 per year)

WordPress is a Content Management System. It’s a fancy way of saying a tool for organizing and structuring your site.

More than 30% of the internet runs on WordPress because it is incredibly powerful.  It’s also incredibly overwhelming for first time users.

That’s why it’s great to have your WordPress site built by experts like us.  We take care of all the difficult stuff and make it easy for you to later change and update content yourself.

Absolutely!  Once the site is live we’ll provide you with videos on how to make changes to your site.  It’s a simple matter of loading the editor, then clicking the section you want to change.  If it’s text you can start typing. If it’s an image you can click change photo.

We’re also available 5 days a week for email support should you have any questions on how to make changes.

If you’d prefer we make the changes for you, that’s cool too.  We’re available to make changes at our hourly rate of $95 per hour.

We offer optional email hosting through our partnership with Rackspace.  For $36 per year you’ll receive 15GB of email storage per mailbox with access through the Rackspace Webmail or your favourite email client.

We can also help you get setup with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

More than likely, yes.

Your web site will be unique with your brand’s colours, fonts, photos, and copy but the general templates are available to any of our clients.

Yes you do.  We take full payment right from the get-go to minimize delays in getting your site live and so that there’s no surprises at the end of the build.

We keep everything on a single page with the menu jumping to different sections on the same page. This keeps costs down as we only have to style one page.

If you choose to add a blog page, we will create the template for the blog archives as well as the template for the posts.

Heck no!

Sure the general layout and design will be the same but once we customize it with your photos, colours, and content, it will be a unique site for your business.

How does it look?

See for yourself!

Here is a selection of some our SimpleSite clients for your review.

Ready to get started?